“Working with Britt has been great. Over the years I have asked Britt to help me achieve athletic goals in a variety of areas: weight lifting, back packing, and cycling. Not only has Britt helped me achieve all of the goals I have set for myself, but the unique programs that she developed for me maximized my progress in the short amount of free time that I had during the workweek. [And besides she has to be one of the nicest persons that I know.]”
Attorney, 48
“I continue to be impressed with your well-researched and comprehensive knowledge about movement and how the body works. You are able to both demonstrate and explain how to do the various exercises you recommend, as well as why you are recommending them. And, your enthusiasm is contagious! Anyone fortunate enough to have the option of selecting you as his or her Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer or Pilates instructor can rest assured that they are working with a true professional of the highest caliber.”
Information Technology Manager, 49
“I originally signed up to work with a trainer with the single goal of learning how to lift weights without injuring myself. Working with Britt not only have I become physically stronger but I have also become more actively involved with my kids, be it soccer or tennis or bowling. I am the mom in the game versus the one watching from the sideline.”
Banker, 39
“At 49, I took up mountaineering with my 18-year-old daughter and was hooked. Britt combined a routine of core strength conditioning and new aerobic exercises that would enhance my endurance and focus on climbing. The dividends have been outstanding and I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants to get more out of their workout. Britt has a very loyal following which is easy to understand when you work with her and see how supportive she is.”
CFO, 52
“Britt has worked with sensitivity, flexibility, and knowledge during times when my chronic illness caused difficulties and required last-minute accommodations. And it is really fun! Britt saw me through a very tough back surgery and recovery. I would not have had the courage to face that surgery had she and my physical therapist not been there. They worked together to set up a recovery plan and I came through faster than a lot of people including my surgeon thought I would.”
Attorney, 59