Why Work with a Professional?

You may wonder why you should consider a Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach: How hard can it be? You just have to get out there and do it, right? Well, yes and no.

The International Health and Fitness organization, IDEA, published a report that 75% of people who exercise don’t actually achieve the results they want; out of the 25% who are achieving their goals, a full 90% are working with a Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach!

CBC Fitness Consulting’s Personal Training and Fitness Coaching programs are similar, in that you meet one on one with a knowledgeable, experienced fitness professional to:

  • discuss your goals
  • plan your program
  • perfect your form
  • keep you challenged
  • keep your workout balanced
  • help you keep it consistent

The Personal Training and Fitness Coaching programs also give you access to an educated, experienced professional you can rely on for all your exercise and fitness questions and concerns.

No matter whether you are just getting started with exercise, recovering from an injury, finding it difficult to stay with your program, or training for a specific event, CBC Fitness Consulting can help you make the most of your commitment to a fitness plan.

Just getting started with a fitness program?

Starting or re-starting an exercise program can feel overwhelming and complicated. What exercises should you do? What equipment should you use? What’s the right form? For how long and how hard should you get your heart pumping? A Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach can eliminate the confusion and get you on the right track by tailoring a workout designed specifically for your goals. You will learn the correct form for doing each exercise, get help setting smart cardio goals, and learn the right stretches to perform in your cool down. Plus, a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach offers ongoing guidance, motivation and the education you need to begin healthy, results-oriented exercise practices right from the start. Contact CBC Fitness Consulting for a fitness program that will help you reach the goals you want to achieve.

Recovering from an injury?

Most often, physical activity is not only helpful, but necessary, in order to heal properly from an injury. A Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach is a valued partner during this process. Britt Schanel, Founder and Director of CBC Fitness Consulting, has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and exercise physiology and has eight years experience working with medical professionals to design rehabilitative exercise programs to help you regain your strength and resume your daily life activities.

Finding it difficult to stay with your program?

You’re not alone! A full 80% of people who start an exercise routine stop after 8-12 weeks! Maybe they’re bored, maybe they’re not seeing results, maybe things keep “getting in the way.” A Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach can eliminate the barriers to success and help you achieve the results you want by:

  • Keeping your workout fun, interesting and varied
  • Helping you surmount obstacles
  • Checking in with you every week
  • Answering all your questions
  • Keeping you motivated!

Training for a specific event?

Whether you want to run or walk the next Portland Marathon, hike Mt. Hood, or bike the Windy Ridge Road Ride, CBC Fitness Consulting can help you prepare for your event. Relying on her extensive experience as a Personal Trainer and knowledge of exercise physiology, Britt will design a training program to maximize your training efforts. You will cross the finish line without injury and be ready for the next challenge!

To get you in the best possible shape, Britt will ensure your workout is challenging so you are strong and confident for your event. She will design a balanced fitness program so you get the maximum benefit from your workouts. She will work closely with you to help remove any barriers to staying consistent in the months and weeks leading up to your event.