Are you up to the challenge?

Whether you are taking the first steps to begin a fitness program, are preparing to run a marathon, or are recovering from an injury, CBC Fitness Consulting can help you reach your goals. Britt Schanel, Founder and Director of CBC, designs all of CBC Fitness Consulting’s individual training and fitness challenges and classes using the CBC Formula for success: Challenging, Balanced, and Consistent.


To facilitate changes in your body, you have to challenge it! What does “challenge” mean? That depends on your goal. It might mean only slightly difficult; it might mean quite difficult – or it might mean focusing on balance or endurance. CBC Fitness Consulting takes the time to understand what you need from your exercise plan and design a Challenging, Balanced, and Consistent fitness program to help get you where you want to be.


A balanced approach to exercise allows for maximum benefit from your program. The three basic components to fitness are:

  • Cardio – (getting your heart pumping)
  • Resistance – (lifting weights)
  • Flexibility – (stretching it all out)

CBC Fitness Consulting can help you establish habits incorporating all three, tailored to meet your personal fitness goals.


Consistency is the foundation for success with any fitness program. We are the sum of our habits; the total of what we do on a regular basis.

CBC Fitness Consulting can assist you in setting specific, attainable and measurable goals to help you maintain consistency and get the most from your fitness program. Relying on her experience honed since 1998, working with a diverse group of clients, Britt can also help you overcome any obstacles.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” This adage applies to fitness too! Becoming fit is a journey and all of our programs here are designed to make this quest enjoyable and exciting. Please peruse our website to see how we can help you on your journey!
Britt Schanel
Founder and Director of CBC Fitness Consulting